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I have a small number (I am always looking for more!) of clients that like to be on the “bleeding edge” of technology. They want, and I am happy to provide, the very latest in state of the art electronics for them. This creates a great trickle down deal for other electronics enthusiasts that want to get slightly used great gear at an amazing deal! Like this great system – A 55″ Samsung 8000 series Smart TV, with a DENON In-Command Digital surround sound receiver and a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player (not shown). This equipment is in “mint” condition!! 3 sets of 3D Glasses included!

55" Samsung 8000 Series LCD TV

55″ Samsung 8000 Series LCD TV

Denon 3000 series in command digital receiver

Denon 3000 series in command digital receiver

Add speakers (Wired 1 Consulting has many great lines to choose from –hint, hint) and you’ll have an incredibly good theater system for well under $2000 – AND NO TAX!!  This TV alone would have sold for close to $2500 plus tax 3 years ago! If you are interested in this amazing deal contact us today at (506) 470-7510 and we will put you in touch with the seller. In case you are wondering why they are selling, our client is moving to 4K Ultra High definition. His new equipment is on the way! Football season is starting and it’s almost October – Go Jays!

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