Attn: SONOS Owners

Sonos announced today that support for a number of their older products will end in May/20. This is not a big surprise as a number of their products are well beyond 10 years old. They are offering existing owners of these, soon to be obsolete products, a discount of 30% on the purchase of the equivalent replacement unit.

If you have a number of Sonos units in your home this is an attractive proposition, however, if you have maybe one or two Sonos products, it maybe time for an upgrade. Sonos will continue to only offer sound quality of compact discs, a wee bit antiquated by today’s technologies and competing products that offer high bit rate playback (24 bit, versus 16 bit from Sonos) and considerably better resolution (192kHz versus 44kHz). Whilst Sonos is recognising bluetooth connectivity as a desired feature on one of their products, Bluetooth audio has been widely adopted by most other competitive companies throughout their product offerings.

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