Can Microsoft get their act together?

Lately things have been pretty busy in Redmond Washington! Microsoft has launched their new Windows Phone 8, the new Windows 8 operating system, the new Surface RT and Surface Pro super tablets and a complete revamp of the office suite. With all of this going on it’s small wonder that they are having some issues!

I have been a follower of Microsoft as long as I have owned computers and they eventually get things straightened out. But it still baffles me as to why they can’t release a product to the public that doesn’t need a major update before it works properly. I recently purchased the new Surface Pro 128. It’s an amazing device. A real work of art!

I decided that my old copy of Office 2007 was due for an update so I downloaded the new Office 365 home premium edition from Microsoft. It’s a great deal if you have multiple computers, PC and Mac, as you can install it on up to 5 computers for $99.95/year. The install went cleanly until I checked my contacts folder and discovered that I only had 44 contacts on my Surface and 87 on my desktop main machine! I contacted tech support and they have escalated the problem to tier 3 support and still haven’t solved this known issue.

Then I started sending emails and, before I knew it, I had sent one poor client 4 copies of a quotation because Outlook 2013 was not populating the “sent” folder properly so I thought the mail had not been sent. Microsoft’s response to this is that it’s a new program and there are a number of issues that will be fixed in the next update! This is something that should work right from the get go! It’s not as bad as Apple Maps sending people down dead end streets and almost into lakes and over cliffs, but at a time when everything Microsoft does is being scrutinized by the entire tech industry it’s a black mark that they certainly don’t need.

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