Distributed Audio for the Digital Age!

Way back in January 2005 a company named SONOS launched their first product and aptly started a revolution in distributed audio controlled by a SMART phone, tablet or computer, however, that was over 15 years ago and a lot has changed! 15 years ago compact discs and MP3 music was the norm, but today because of a number of advances we now have the ability to listen to music that rivals the original studio recordings like FLAC and MQA music files. Although SONOS sounds pretty good, the design of the interface makes it impossible to take advantage of these advances. It wasn’t long before one of the most prestigious audio companies in the world, DENON (celebrating 110 years of audio innovation) said “it’s neat, but we can do it better”! The result is HEOS by DENON. Embracing the latest high bit digital technology and providing the configurations that only a company that understands audio can provide like digital inputs, subwoofer and pre amp outputs, HEOS by DENON provides you with a simply better, more accurate picture of your music. This is the HEOS DRIVE, it has 4 stereo (or 8 mono) outputs @ 60 watts output/channel, all in one slick chassis ready to be installed in a client’s new home. Check out the line of options https://usa.denon.com/heos or get in contact with us @ Wired 1 Consulting.

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