Do you have speakers in the walls or ceilings of your home?

If those speakers were installed 8 or more years ago they may be suffering from a disease we in the industry call speaker “rot”. The changes in moisture and heat levels in the home can be extremely hard on architectural speakers. Even quality brand name speakers produced back then start to fall apart when exposed to the home environment and time

We recently did a theatre re-design for a client and when we removed the in-wall rear speakers the foam rubber surrounds of the woofers (bass speaker) had almost disintegrated! These were 13 year old speakers from ENERGY, a very reputable manufacturer of boxed loudspeakers, but not one known for their in wall speakers. ENERGY was not the only manufacturer using the same construction methods for their architectural speakers, they were one of the “better” ones built in the 80’s and 90’s, some were built to a lot lower standard than the ENERGY’s.

The good news is that these speakers can be replaced very easily with speakers designed for the in-wall, in ceiling conditions in the home. SpeakerCraft is one of the few companies that offer a LIFETIME warranty on their speakers. How can they do this? Easy, SpeakerCraft is an architectural loudspeaker manufacturer. They don’t do it as a sideline, they are the worlds best in-wall, in-ceiling speaker manufacturer on the planet and the speakers are made to last a lifetime.

So tomorrow get out the step stool and take one of the grills off your speakers and when you see the shape they are in give us a call!

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