Further notes on Display Port issues

It seems that there are more issues when using a Display Port source device to an HDMI viewing device than just having the right adaptor to do the job.

When VESA (the Video Electronics Standards Association) designed the Display port specifications and released it as a new “standard” for the interconnectivity of display devices they neglected an integral part of the broadcast industries HDCP (High Definition Copy Protection)! HDCP is incorporated in HDMI to HDMI data transfers It’s a kind of electronic “handshake” in that the source device confirms that the device receiving the data is a display device, not a recording device, and then lets the data transfer take place. Without this “handshake” no data gets transferred. That’s a BIG problem! If you are sending video to the display device, especially if this is produced content you will probably get a nice blue screen. Spread sheets and Word documents will work just fine but if you feel like taking a break and watching a Netflix movie you might not see anything!

VESA is working feverishly on this problem. It is sort of like barring the door after the horse has left the stable. They will get the standards adjusted and working eventually but it’s just one more example of technical industries not talking to each other thus causing more headaches for the end user – the consuming public!

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