Future Shop Closing all stores in Canada

Future Shop announced today that they will be closing all stores immediately. Some areas will see a re-branding to Best Buy within the month.

This is not “news” to me, as I have seen many Big Box retailers disappear over the years. Some consumers are turning to on-line electronic sales, but thankfully, more and more of you are realizing that SERVICE and KNOWLEDGE are critical determinants in where you choose to spend your electronic dollars.

At Wired 1 Consulting our goal is to provide you with the technology that is needed for your unique situation, today, and into the future! The electronic world is constantly  evolving, who would have thought that we would be using our phones to change the channel on our televisions? At Wired 1 Consulting we are solution providers, whether it’s a new Smart Home designed solution or simply a way to organize and simplify your electronic lifestyle – We are here to help. Got a problem? Chances are that Wired 1 Consulting has a solution for you!

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