Gorgeous living room system!

This week we put the finishing touches on this outstanding living room system featuring a 65″ Samsung QLED 4K TV, the amazing new slim Paradigm Millenia Trio passive three channel sound bar. Powered by an Anthem MRX-520 with the low end handled beautifully by Paradigm’s Millenia subwoofer (you can just see the edge of it at the bottom of the cabinet) and rear channel speakers are the new bipolar Paradigm Surround Ones. In addition to the SMART apps built into the TV a SONOS port and a Bell 4K receiver keep the party hopping! The painters still have touch ups to do and when the furniture arrives we’ll be back to professionally calibrate the audio using Anthem ARC Genesis.

Blank wall ready for us to put the icing on the cake!
TV and Paradigm Millenia Trio speaker bar.
Anthem MRX-520, Bell 4K TV box, SONOS Port and Millenia subwoofer, all controlled through cabinet doors by a Harmony Elite remote control system.
Bringing up the rear, Paradigm’s Surround One bipolar speakers
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