Has your system reached The END OF THE LINE?

OK, you just bought that new 4K television, but the TV doesn’t seem to have the right connections to hook up to your sound system, or your kids new PlayStation doesn’t have the same jacks on the back that the old one did. You are not alone! With the increase in todays digital technologies there comes a time that even equipment purchased as little as 5 years old can be incompatible. In some cases there are “work arounds” that can be configured, but they are accompanied by operational complications that make it down right difficult for the family to use! The heart and soul of your entertainment system is your Audio/Video receiver (processor or amplifier). This nerve center takes your picture and sound, decodes it accordingly and sends it to your speakers and your display device (television). Most of them also connect to the internet or to your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. Most of the better units are 4K compatible with as many as 8 or 9 HDMI connection ports! IT’S TIME FOR AN UPGRADE! To make sure that your new receiver is perfect for your system, contact the experts at Wired 1 Consulting. Authorized representatives for great electronics lines like Anthem, NAD, Harman Kardon, DENON, Marantz, ONKYO, Pioneer, Sony etc., at guaranteed lowest prices, we will have one that suits you to a tee!

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