How to improve the performance of your electronics.

I have always been a firm believer in power protection for electronics and yesterday the significance of really good protection made an obvious appearance in my own home theater setup. I grabbed the remote control to turn it on and nothing happened! I thought maybe a breaker had tripped on my electrical panel. I checked and all the breakers were ok. I next checked the Monster Cable surge protected power bar that I had installed 11 years ago. I had changed televisions twice and source equipment a number of times and plugged it all into this power bar. Well, it finally died, and, I’m glad it did!
I replaced the dead power bar with a new Panamax power center with surge protection and power line filtering and the results were astounding! The picture quality on my 55″ plasma set took on a new dimension of depth and clarity that I had not seen before! The picture was rock solid with absolutely no discernable noise in the image. My TV set is a V series Panasonic and I am now kicking myself for not seeing how good that it could be by simply improving my power protection!
Now, the deterioration of the old Monster Cable power bar may have happened over time (as they do wear out with age) but I never would have noticed the difference if the old power bar had not failed completely.
So, to make sure your system is working the way it was designed to give us a shout at Wired 1 Consulting you’ll be glad you did! I know I was!!

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