IF it looks too good to be true…

As many years as I have been in the electronics business there have unfortunately been a bunch of scam artist out there who prey on the uniformed public. During my career there have even been brick and mortar outlets that, even though they had what looked like a legitimate business, were guilty of all sorts of illegal consumer manipulation. Bait and switch tactics were often deployed, extended service contracts that weren’t underwritten, so when the company went out of business that 5 year warranty that you paid $500 dollars for might as well have been written on toilet paper! I’ve even seen companies collude to scam their insurance companies, claiming that  they had had a warehouse heist of millions of dollars that they contrived with another retailer in another province and the two companies just traded inventory! The claims were settled with the insurance companies and the trading retailers had inventory that theoretically didn’t cost them anything! Yes, this actually happened! But one of the most common con games that have been going on for decades is the “White Van Speaker Scam” here’s the link to Wikipedia about it.


These speakers look very legitimate and most times they are actually supported by a manufacturer’s web site and everything! However, these speakers are obsolete models that haven’t been relevant for a number of years and usually come from a “knock off” company in China or another far east country! Even though they might look OK they are obsolete garbage! This actually happened to an acquaintance last week who called me up to ask if I knew about the speakers that he got a “killer deal” on. So, if you are approached in a parking lot with a deal that it just too good to be believed, run in the opposite direction!

Invest your money in a legitimate speaker system from an authorized dealer like Wired 1 Consulting.

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