Improve the Sound of your System

You buy your tickets, get your popcorn, and enter the movie theater. There is a change in the sound around you as you make your way to your seat. The movie starts and you hear every little rustle, every pin drop every word of whispered dialogue. Why can’t you get that sound clarity at home? You have good electronics, really good speakers and you have tried to set everything up for the best, but somehow it’s just not the same as “going to the movies”. Want to know why? It’s your room!

Commercial movie theatres pay a lot of money to get the sound right. Could you imagine what that theatre would sound like if they made you watch a movie with just the cinder block walls and open ceiling – yikes!

The sound of your room is critically important in how accurate your system can be. To try and alter the sound coming out of your speakers by electronic equalization can only make matters worse – what you need/have to do is “tame” your room. I have not heard any home system that could not benefit from having at least some acoustic treatment applied. Even a small amount of  acoustic “conditioning” can yield huge improvements in performance.

At Wired 1 Consulting we are partnered with one of the leaders in acoustic room treatments – Primacoustic They also offer some awesome and very attractive home and professional recording studio solutions in addition to their great home theater and stereo room solutions. Check out the videos on their site.

Wired 1 Consulting offers custom installation for all of these products but you can order and install it yourself! Give Greg a call (506) 470-7510 and he will help you with your selection. Start hearing what you paid for!

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