Looking for a wireless system for your home – HEOS by DENON IS “THE SOLUTION”

For years now I have rejected the existing wireless audio distribution systems that were available on the market, most notable a certain British start-up with no pedigree in audio design, but by utilizing a proprietary Wi-Fi transmission technology they quickly became the darling of the wireless aficionados. If given no comparison, these systems sound OK, but, when put up against a well designed audio system they really fall short!

Rejoice, you can now have wireless technology AND great sound quality with the new HEOS system from DENON. The engineers at DENON looked at competing systems available and designed the new HEOS to literally blow them out of the water! Nobody has more experience and expertise in the world of digital audio than the engineers at DENON and they have pulled out all of the stops on this new system!

Check out the new HEOS system at www.denon.ca today and get in touch with us at Wired 1 Consulting! (506)470-7510 It’ll blow your mind! I’m still picking up brain cells! 🙂

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