New doesn’t always mean better!

This little reminder was again brought to my attention by a senior Bell Fibe TV technician, and I profoundly agree! Bell now has new 4K and wireless television boxes, and while the picture quality and overall performance of these boxes is greatly improved, the supplied remote control hand unit has taken a step backward. The old remotes in addition to controlling your TV, could also control other devices, like your A/V receiver and your DVD/Blu-Ray player. These new remotes can only control your TV, but only turn up or down the volume and turn your TV on and off. The Bell tech joked that it was good for my business as Wired 1 Consulting sells universal remote control hand unit from Harmony, URC and RTI. So, if you want to be able to control your WHOLE entertainment system again give us a call (506)470-7510 or drop us a line!

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