OK, so what can I do with this new “SMART” TV?

A SMART TV connects you with the internet and can give you access to on-line services like Netflix and YouTube. Some sets can also allow you to connect to a media server (a home PC or separate, remotely or local connected device) so you can stream or transmit the contents, both audio and video to the television, such as your music or movie collection. Understandably, these televisions need to be connected to your home internet in order to accomplish this. Most of the current crop of SMART TV’s have built in wireless (Wi-Fi) capability as well as a wired Ethernet connection. For most applications a Wi-Fi connection is fine, however this wireless connection is dependent on 2 very important things; the speed of your Wi-Fi connection and the quality of this connection. If you are working with a media server your wireless connection may not be robust enough to deliver the content to your TV without the occasional interruption of either the sound or the picture. Wireless is still not as fast or reliable as a hard wired internet connection. This may be tricky to connect if your internet router is in another room in the home! Wired 1 Consulting can show you ways to get a wired connection to your set without having to run new wires to your internet router for the best sound and picture quality.

Sound quality from these new TV’s is generally pretty  lousy! Your new TV is really thin, and so there is no room for the manufacturer to install decent speakers, unlike the old days when cathode ray televisions gave the manufacturers a large, mostly empty cabinet in which to install speakers, most flat panel sets have a speaker system that would be OK for a laptop computer, but not for your living room! If you do some investigating you will find that all of these companies offer “add-on” speakers for their television sets. IMPORTANT NOTE: I have yet to hear one of these “add-on” speaker systems from a television manufacturer that sounds good!! In most cases the speakers are made out of plastic boxes with very cheap component drivers in the box. This is NOT the kind of sound you want for your movie night or that big game! Luckily there are a wide variety of speaker systems available from companies that are primarily speaker manufacturers, that rely on the audio quality of their products to establish their reputation. You may already have an audio system that would be able to hook up to your new TV given the right configuration. For a better speaker system or help with your connections Wired 1 Consulting is here for you! We are authorized dealers for a large selection of manufacturers like BOSE, Definitive Technology, DENON,  MARANTZ and a wide selection of others.

OH, and if you haven’t bought one yet, we also sell SMART TV from most of the popular brands!

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