Organize your coffee table!

TV, Cable box, Blu-ray player, home theater receiver, maybe even throw in a VCR and an Apple TV for good measure. They ALL have remote control hand units and they are all sitting on your coffee table, or in the case of the VCR you haven’t used it for about 5 years and the batteries are probably corroded to the point of either not working or causing damage to the remote. Only YOU can operate this pile of technology! Most of the time it even takes YOU 10 minutes of fumbling to turn on the Blu-ray to watch that new movie release!

Rechargeable Harmony Remote Control

Rechargeable Harmony Remote Control

It’s time to simplify your life AND get rid of that coffee table clutter! The Harmony Universal Remote Controls are incredible! Using their extensive web based remote control data base your new Harmony remote is programmed to perform the required operations at the touch of only one on screen icon! Touch “Watch TV” and your TV turns on, goes to the correct input, your cable box turns on, your audio video receiver turns on and goes to the right input. And you only touched ONE BUTTON! The elegant charging cradle keeps the remote controls lithium ion battery charged up and ready to go.

Give Wired 1 Consulting a call today and get those remotes off the coffee table (take the batteries out first)!

Enjoy what I consider to be one of the most significant inventions in home entertainment since Zenith introduced the first remote control television more than 60 years ago!

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