Out with the old, In with the NEW!

If you have one of these sitting in the corner of your living room…


Wouldn’t you rather have one of these! A new 50″ Samsung high definition LED SMART television with a Definitive Technologies Solo Cinema surround bar speaker system (wireless subwoofer not shown, ’cause it’s tucked into a corner on the other side of room) paired up with the high definition television delivery box of your choice (In this case Rogers Next Box) and a media server (in this case Apple TV). Easily controlled with a Harmony Ultimate One rechargeable universal remote control system. This ensemble is a pleasure to look at even when it’s turned off! Turn it on and be prepared to be blown away! Get the popcorn ready, because every night is movie night!WP_20150806_001Contact us today for your free consultation (506)470-7510 or contact us by leaving a comment at the top of this page.

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