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All of us have a relative that complains about the sound from these flat panel TV’s. I couldn’t stand listening to television without my surround sound audio system turned on!

There just isn’t enough room in a flat panel TV to put good sounding speakers in them.

If you have one of these relatives, or maybe you have a TV that doesn’t have a surround sound audio system connected to it. SpeakerCraft has the ideal solution!

This powered speaker system will knock your socks off with it’s clarity and power. It’s designed to slide right under your TV and fill your room with awesome sound. This blows a Bose Wave system clear into yesterday! It even has Bluetooth connectivity! And it’s Ultra Easy to use.

Get your orders in now! We are the exclusive dealer for SpeakerCraft in NB. Mention that you saw it on our web page or Facebook link and get 10% off till Dec. 10/10.

Here’s a review: http://www.technologyblogged.com/shopping/best-buys/speakercraft-cs3-tv-speaker-review

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