Smart Remote Controls!

Universal Remote Controls have been around now for over 30 years. A lot of the audio video receivers and new cable boxes come with a “Dumb” universal control. These remote controls, by punching a function button, can operate the basic functions (and I mean BASIC) of other electronic devices. For example; your Cable Box remote control can turn on your television. These remotes do need to know what device that you want to operate and only very rudimentary control commands are offered for these “other” devices.

Approximately 15 years ago a company called Harmony revolutionized the universal remote control market by introducing a “SMART” remote control! These remote controls connect to the internet and are programmed from an extensive library of codes to virtually operate any kind of remote control device! Now, all you have to do is punch ONE button and the remote control will turn on your TV, turn on your cable box, turn on your audio video receiver and put all these devices on the right input – amazing! One of the most innovative products that I can remember coming to the electronics world! No more frustration and phone calls to try and get your system running properly!

In the first picture is one of the first versions of Harmony Remotes. They worked great and I we have sold hundreds of these devices but the buttons are small and the screen is hard to see. They are starting to show their age! They have been replaced by new touch screen remote controls that are brighter and easier for everyone to use. Some of them can even be operated with an IPhone/IPad or Android smartphone or tablet (see second picture).

If you are using one of the old Harmony remotes or you want to simplify the operation of your system, give Wired 1 Consulting a call today! (506)470-7510


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