The declining build quality of electronics and how to protect your investment

The picture is a top line $2000 55″ UHD 4K television. The 4 dots you see in the middle of the picture just suddenly appeared, and they WON’T go away! This TV set is just over 2 years old and unfortunately just over a year out of the one year manufacturers warranty. The fix for this problem is a screen replacement – total cost for our client $2300!!

Just over 2 years old this set is a write-off!

Needless to say, they bought a new TV, but, this time they also purchased an underwritten extended service contract from us, so if anything happens to the TV, I mean anything (a power surge or lightning strike is covered, even the remote control is covered), it is either repaired or replaced with the current equivalent of what they originally purchased with no expense to them.

Ask about our extended service plan for your new electronics purchase. Protect Your Investment!

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