The importance of the network

How often do you update your computer? Hopefully you update on at least a monthly basis. Some computer programs even post messages telling you that an update is available. These updates allow your computer to function properly with the ongoing changes in the digital domain. Without these updates your computer system will eventually stop operating the way it should.
Consumer electronics are no different. Most of them are in fact controlled by an internal computer. It is now important to check on a regular basis to see if an update is needed. With most of today’s devices there is a connection port to the internet or a wireless internet modem built in to the unit. TVs, blu-ray players, game consoles, audio video receivers, satellite receivers and cable boxes all require updates. Some will update automatically (satellite and cable boxes) with the rest you have to check periodically to see if there is an update available and this requires a connection to home network and to the internet.
I have many clients that complained that a lot of discs were not playing on their blu- ray player. A simple update via the web and voila!, those discs started playing again. There is also a great deal of content available to these devices from the internet like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook etc. that require a constant connection to the World Wide Web.
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