The “SMART” evolution.

By now most of you will have heard of the new SMART devices coming to market predominately in the form of SMART Televisions. Exactly what does this mean?

Consumer electronics today have been designed to work with the internet, and as such they rely on a connection to your home computer network, either by a direct wired connection or via Wi-Fi. Exactly how “Smart” these devices are depends, to a certain extent, on the manufacturer’s design. These devices are able to connect to the Internet and allow you to access a variety of applications (apps) that can retrieve content from the Internet such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook etc., in addition to allowing you to watch good old regular television broadcasting. The access to these on-line services through a television is still not as fluid as accessing the same content on a computer, but the gap is closing, as manufacturers are enticed by marketing strategies from the on-line companies to improve the user interface (UI) so it is an easier operating experience for the consumer.

As the convergence of computers and televisions increases the importance of establishing a home server network becomes something every SMART device owner can take advantage of. Once a centralized storage location (server) is set up, these smart devices can access content that is stored on your server. Usually this server is the main computer that is in the home, but if you have a lot of “content” (movies, music, pictures etc.) a separate, dedicated server can be set up for you. After setup you can access your personal pictures, home movies, and anything else that you want to share on any of the smart devices on your home network. Remember the old days of your parents digging out the movie or slide projector to watch that vacation trip? Nowadays, all you have to do is turn on your smart device to enjoy a slide show or that favourite vacation video. No need to set up a screen and projector, just turn on the TV, and that could be ANY smart TV or device (maybe a Smart Phone or a tablet) in the home! And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

There is a lot more that you can do with a properly configured SMART network in the home. Wired 1 Consulting can help you discover the fun and convenience of having your home system connected to the world!

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Unleash the enjoyment!

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