‘Tis the season!

Looks like December 2016 is “put a TV OVER your fireplace” at Wired 1 Consulting! I know, contrary to my recommendations for ideal viewing. With these new electric and gas fireplaces the risk to the television from heat damage from the fireplace is lessened, but the roaring fire below the TV really makes it hard to concentrate on the movie or television show that you are trying to watch. The other drawback to over fireplace mounts is that in most cases the TV, in order to give you a little bit of room on the mantel of the fireplace for that elf on the shelf, the TV ends up too high in the room. Ideally the height of the television should be at, or just slightly above, eye level when you are sitting down in your favourite chair or couch.

This would have been a perfect “over the fireplace” scenario if the contractor had put the slim line fireplace 2 feet lower! It’s not even centered on the wall relief to the right!!

Unfortunately, a lot of contractors are contributing to this problem by putting electrical and service connections directly above the fireplace (and I might add these connection plates are usually in the WRONG location on the wall for a television to be mounted easily on the wall). The best place for a wall mounted TV is on the adjacent wall to the fireplace so you can enjoy the warmth and glow of the fireplace without it detracting from your television viewing and so won’t feel like you are staring at the ceiling to watch TV! We will still continue to put up the TV’s over fireplaces, as in most cases there is no other option left by the contractor or interior designer. If you ARE a contractor or interior designer please contact us and we can tell you how to position a television properly for the optimum enjoyment of your clientele. In today’s homes the only appliance that gets used more than the TV is the refrigerator!

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