When to and when not to use wireless audio.

Great sound from electronic devices means true to life dynamics, stereo separation, rich, accurate frequency response. The quest is to make it sound like the recording engineer intended the playback to sound. It’s darn near impossible to precisely recreate the sound of the live performance, but the closer we can get to that target the more enjoyable an experience it will be!

The problem with most wireless speaker systems is they come in a plastic box, no bigger than the little cassette player that you used to take to the beach in your teens! Technology has come a long way, but to expect these devices to deliver enveloping stereo sound and true to life dynamics is only wishful thinking. In order to achieve stereo separation the speakers need to be separated and in order to re-create the dynamics of a grand piano you need power and speakers considerably larger than the tiny speakers enclosed in these plastic boxes! Think about it. In this little box we have a radio that receives the transmitted audio, an amplifier that is turning those radio waves into electrical signals and 2 or more speakers that have to fill your room with the sound of your favourite artist. If you have a very small room and you sit very close to the box you may get some semblance of what the artist intended. It sure isn’t going to give you tingles down your spine or raise the hairs on the back of your neck! Human audible memory is fickle, but emotional memory is fantastic! You will remember that – “OMG, I’ve never heard such great sound from a stereo system or an artists performance” feeling, but you’ll have a really hard time remembering exactly what is was that made it memorable. Wireless self contained audio does NOT create a memorable experience – PERIOD. Now, there are some wireless transmitter systems available that allow you to¬†use a separate amplifier and a pair of speakers of your choosing, and these can work exceptionally. They take up a little more room but when your favourite song comes on you are emotionally involved with the performance!

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