Windows 8.1 update #1

Well, Microsoft made some significant changes today to their Windows 8.1 operating system making the user interface more familiar to the users of past versions of Windows. They made the Start button more accessible and gives you a much clearer way to turn of the computer by putting a power button on the tile screen at the upper right.

They didn’t make this update easy to get however. It is available from Windows update, but it is an option that must be selected manually in order to download it and install it. Once done it is a welcome improvement! Any “Tile” app that you open shows up¬†on the taskbar in the desktop mode making it much easier to switch between open programs on your computer and it definitely improves the interface for non-touch users.

I suggest that you install this update as it is required to be installed before you will get the next update of Windows 8.1. It will take approximately an hour of your time depending on you internet connection speed.


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