Wired or Wi-fi network. What’s better?

When wireless N routers were introduced a couple of years back there was and still is a vast number of devices introduced that took advantage of the higher data transfer rate. Audio and video could now be shared or “streamed” from one device in the home to another over the wireless network. This new format can stream content at a rate of slightly less than 200 mbs (mega bits per second). This was a great jump from the 54 mbs. of the format it replaced.

It is still no where near the over One gbs (gigabits/second) that a direct wired connection currently is able to offer. That’s about 1000/bits/second faster!

For standard MP3 files wireless works just fine, but when video files are transferred there is likely to be some bottle neck, especially with a high definition video. There could also be issues with network congestion, too many devices trying to steam too much data, thus everything slows down. In the case of your movie it just freezes!

The one and only advantage that current technology wireless has is its convenience. You can go anywhere within the range of your wireless network and get access to your files, the internet and email. Audio and video simply work better on a wired network, and they will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

If you are building a new home, now’s the time to get those wires in the walls! ¬†It can be done by Wired1 after the house is built, but you really won’t like the labour bill!

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