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When I first started working in the home electronics business one of the most amazing products that I sold was made by a company called NAD, NAD stands for New Acoustic Dimension. The company came about from the research of a group of audio professionals who were disgruntled with both the lousy sound quality of most of the offerings from the Japanese manufacturers and the ridiculously high price (but great sound quality) of the current “audiophile” makers. They enlisted the expertise of a noted designer, Bjorn Erik Edvardsen. NAD 3020The amplifier he designed, the NAD 3020, went on to be the best selling and highly reviewed audio component in audio history!

Fast forward to today… NAD continues the tradition and pedigree of the 3020 with the D3020. Like it’s ancestor, the D3020 is a very simplistic design but delivers exceptional performance and incorporated digital inputs and Bluetooth connectivity, it even has a subwoofer output should you want to beef up the bottom end!

Front view

If you are searching for an amplifier to th[4]get you into the digital age and don’t have a lot of space to spare, but, you still want an amplifier that sounds like MUSIC the NAD D3020 just might be right for you.

The entire line up from NAD is available from Wired 1 Consulting. Contact us today!

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