Another exciting new product line!

We are proud to announce that Wired 1 Consulting is now an authorized dealer for an industry leader in audio and video enhancement products. Advanced, and truly remarkable products such as the Dragonfly line of digital audio CONVERTERS (DAC), the famous Jitterbug USB data and power filter, digital and analog cabling and advanced power conditioning solutions. I am always looking to improve the performance of my own audio/video system performance (even more so in this current “stay at home” pandemic), and I have to tell you, these products REALLY work! The Dragonfly Cobalt DAC sounds considerably better than the built in DAC in my ANTHEM STR, wider, deeper and slightly taller and more stable sound staging, and when used with my headphones on my smartphone… Just WOW! I hope that soon I can invite you all over for a listen! But don’t just take my word on it, check out the Audioquest website and pick out your system improvement products then give us a call. (506)470-7510 and your products will be delivered to your doorstep! STAY SAFE!

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