Make sure you’ve got good connections!

There’s always been a hot debate as to whether quality cabling was needed to get the best performance from your audio/video system. I have always been an advocate for better cabling for any analog signal (speaker wire especially) for the simple scientific fact that we live in a world where there is more electromagnetic and radio frequencies in our everyday environment (Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth etc.). These signals are NOT music and if they get into your audio stream they interfere with your systems ability to play exactly what comes from your source be it CD, Vinyl, TV broadcast or streaming media. Audioquest has developed a system in their speaker cables that stops these “garbage” signals from getting into the wiring. It is called “Zero” and it uses a small battery operated device that is attached to the speaker wires dialectic (the insulation of the cable and creates a force field along the cable that stops these nasties from getting into the signal path. It does work! Replacing my old cables (14 gauge, pure oxygen free twisted pair) with Audioquest’s Robin Hood Zero the sound of my system was greatly improved, everything sounded more like the actual instrument and artist being played. The imaging was solidified with greater width, depth and height. It sounded like I was listening to far better speakers (and I have pretty good speakers to start with!). I switched back to my old cables and I wasn’t long switching back to the Audioquest cables. I won’t do that again!

Audioquest Robin Hood Zero speaker cables
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