Another two theatre home!

Anyone who has had the advantage of a properly designed home theatre will tell you it is, next to the kitchen the most used room in the house!

This client had a theatre that we designed for them in their current home and when time came to build their retirement home on the river they asked us to design 2 theatres! One downstairs in the living room using a flat panel LED TV and another upstairs using a front projection system.

It’s WP_20130810_001 (1) WP_20130728_001 WP_20130810_012 WP_20130810_011 WP_20130810_010 WP_20130810_009 WP_20130810_007 WP_20130810_008 WP_20130810_005 WP_20130810_004 WP_20130810_002in the wiring stages now and we will post updated pics as the “movie house” comes together.

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