Controlling noise in your life.

I recently watched a TED talk about how noise can effect your health and how productivity in the workplace has decreased dramatically since the open concept office was introduced, primarily due to noise pollution. It also discussed how noise in the retail space can negatively affect sales and affect clients impression of the establishment, in a lot of cases leaving and never coming back, all because the sound in the place was bad! This bad sound can be the choice of music or the volume level that the business is playing for background music, but most times it is because the noise in the business makes it hard to talk or there is so much other noise in the establishment that you just can’t think straight!
Sound is very important to our mental health. The sound of birds singing, waves lapping on a beach and breezes through the trees relax us, while cacophonous sounds put us on edge, no one likes police sirens or heavy equipment backup warning beepers, they have a reason to exist, but you don’t want them when you are trying to relax or concentrate on something else!
At Wired 1 Consulting we specialize in controlling unwanted noise in both commercial and residential areas and the results of our work is truly astounding!
Busy establishments that you couldn’t have a normal speaking voice conversation were changed dramatically. Home theater systems that everybody had difficulty hearing the dialogue of a movie magically brought the actor into the room with you. No, it’s not magic, it’s sound control!
Have you had a bad sound experience in a Fredericton business? Let us know.

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