Sorting out the Home Electronics confusion!

OK, if you are over 40 and haven’t been following tech constantly, as I have, more than likely you are baffled by the sheer number and increasingly complicated offerings from electronic manufacturers. Should I have a 5.1, a 7.1, a 7.2, an 11.2 surround sound system?? What’s better Plasma or LED, why do my television speakers sound terrible, should I connect my devices wirelessly or how do I connect directly if my router is in another room? How do I get Netflix, or better yet, what is Netflix? Sound familiar?

At Wired 1 Consulting we deal with these and similar situations every day. We are in the business of helping you understand the complicated and making it’s operation EASY! With over 30 years of tech savvy we can sort out the strange world of consumer and commercial electronics and put them in a language that you can understand and operate. We are authorized dealers for many of the top brands in the industry and we guarantee the results!

Use our handy contact form on the website or call today (506)470-7510 for a free in-home consultation. Let us make it simple for you!

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