Do’s and Don’ts for Streaming Media – as easy as 1,2,3!

Getting your system ready for streaming media playback (Netflix, YouTube etc.) requires a couple of important things to be added to your television or home entertainment system for optimum performance and enjoyment.

#1,  There are differences in the speeds of internet download and upload depending on your choice of service provider.

You need a good, reliable connection to the internet. Although wireless internet is getting better all the time, the best connection to the internet is going to be a direct wired connection to your home’s internet router. This can’t always be easily made, for instance, your router may be located in another room of the house. Wired 1 Consulting can show you affordable options to get a great wired connection to the internet for your internet streaming content.

#2, DON’T use your new SMART TV as the device that connects your system to the internet, unless the TV is the ONLY device in the room! Here’s why: TV manufacturers are trying to add as many gadgets and gizmos to their sets in order to differentiate their sets from the competition. In almost all cases the TV manufacturers have a hidden agenda! Their TV’s are rife with the manufacturer’s proprietary apps, that make using streaming services overly complicated and in some cases intrusive and in all cases slow. At least a couple of manufacturers require you to sign up for their proprietary web service in the process of getting the television connected to the internet. In some cases this sign up allows the manufacturer, through a third party, to log your viewing habits and preferences!

Almost all TV’s have a way to get the sound out of the TV speakers and into a better quality audio system (yes, those TV speakers are pretty crappy) The problem is that these audio outputs, although they can be digital in nature, are usually only stereo sound. So, if you have invested in a good theater surround system to go with your new TV the sound is only going to go to your front right and left speakers. This has to do with digital audio copyright protection. A very hotly debated subject in the industry to say the least! Use your TV to show you the picture ONLY!

#3, USE A MEDIA SERVER! A media server is a device that is strictly designed to connect to your home network and internet streaming services, sending the picture to your TV and the sound to your theatre system. The user interface is a lot easier to understand and operate and the speed and flexibility is far superior to any SMART television. These devices will also make sure that you are getting the best quality surround sound to your home theater system. Your Dolby Digital or DTS indicators on your theater receiver will light up and you will have all the speakers working instead of just the right and left! There are a number of excellent affordable media servers available to you. If you are a user of Apple computers the Apple TV device is a logical choice, allowing you to get most of the streaming services including the new HBO GO app, as well as the most popular video and audio streaming services and the ability to screen “mirror” through Apple Airplay so you can see and hear an exact duplication of what is on your Apple device on your home theatre! . Another great choice is the Roku box, arguably the easiest and most flexible of the affordable media servers, with a ton of really neat features. Both of these devices can be purchased for around $100. Of course there are a number of other devices, some with more capability than these two available, We can help you to find one that fits your needs.

At Wired 1 Consulting we are here to help you get the most out of your electronic devices! Get them working right!

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