Move Your Stereo System Into The Digital Age

Friends like to joke around with me that I’ve been in the electronic business so long that I helped Edison invent the light bulb! I have seen a lot of changes over the years. I am one of the few guys around that can install, set the overhang, alignment and tracking weight for a turntable – remember them, they played 12″ discs¬† made out of vinyl! ūüôā Believe it or not,¬†turntables are enjoying a very healthy comeback!HK 3770

Another concept that seems to have faded into obscurity is the STEREO system. A well set up stereo system can transport you into the realm of the recording studio without¬†having a multitude of speakers and wires everywhere in the room, I’m talking an amplifier connected to a good pair of speakers playing¬†the music you love.¬†I have sold hundreds of stereo systems to very happy clients over the years and most of them are still enjoying them (quality electronics tend to last a LONG time). The electronic industry is all about surround sound and the possibility of selling you upwards of a dozen speakers for your listening room. I’m not knocking down surround sound. Creating the magic of the commercial cinema in a private living room is one of the cornerstones of Wired 1 Consulting’s business, but, there is a lot to said for the good old stereo system. The problem that¬†owners of good stereo systems face¬†in today’s world is that everything is going digital and “on the internet” and for these aficionados of stereo music listening the marriage of the old with the new has been hard to achieve. If you have one of these stereo systems this may be the solution for you: The Harman Kardon HK3770. It’s a stereo AM/FM receiver with tons of power (240 watts) full function remote control with plenty of analog inputs, including an actual turntable/phono input, but here’s the good part, it also has a bunch of digital audio inputs with a processor that can decode the latest in high bitrate audio, and it can connect to the internet and your home network. There’s even a free¬†app for Apple and Android devices that will let you control it with your phone or tablet or with¬† network connected computer! But that’s not all. it has Bluetooth 4.0 built in so, if have music on your phone, or your friends pop in and they have music that they would like you to hear on your system they can connect via Bluetooth without any wires, or, maybe they have their music on an IPod or a USB thumb drive you can plug right into the front USB port. You can also¬†connect a powered subwoofer to the dedicated subwoofer output on the back panel¬†for earth shaking bass!¬†Now, if you have been following the home entertainment industry these technological innovations are not new but they are usually incorporated in a surround sound receiver that is designed to run a multitude of speakers in the room and be connected to a television of some sort. What this stereo receiver does for you is give you that connectivity with the proven audio quality of the Harman Kardon name in a stereo receiver.

So if you want to breathe new life into that aging stereo system  give us a call.  We have a number of clients who are LOVING their renewed system! Give us a call: (506)470-7510

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