Get Your Sound Outdoors!

Here’s a great alternative to getting sound outdoors! The OUTCAST from Soundcast will connect up to your existing music system whether it’s a conventional audio system, computer system or IPod/IPhone. At Wired 1 we affectionately call this The Diaper Pail!

It can be plugged in or run on the included rechargeable battery that  has an 8 hour run time on a full charge and allows you to take your music anywhere within 350 feet of your music system – and it kicks out the jams! A built in 8″ subwoofer gives you outstanding base. We have a client with teens that take the outcast out to the street for their basketball sessions! (They have understanding neighbours!). It’s totally weatherproof and can be splashed and rained on with no ill effect. It has a built in carrying handle for easy moves to any location and a built in, switch-able accent light to give you a little illumination.

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