Wondering which TV to buy?

We know it’s a confusing electronic marketplace out there. Different technologies, more screen sizes , lots of different manufacturers and price tags and all sorts of mounting options. Things got a little more confusing this week with the announcement by LG at the CEDIA showcase in Indianapolis that they will be coming to market with 4K televisions! What’s 4K you ask? Well, it’s the next generation of high definition displays. It, in effect, doubles the resolution of current 1080P high definition TV’s (1920 X 1080) to a whopping 3840 X 2160 pixels and is being termed UHDTV (Ultra High Definition TV). Fasten your seat belts, as this is just the second step in the evolution of digital high definition that will be coming over the next several years. The Hobbit was filmed with 8K cameras, and NHK in Japan is currently filming with 16K cameras! 16 times the resolution of todays high definition TV!!

What does this mean to you: As the image detail increases in the displays the source or playback delivery devices also have to keep pace. Currently only You Tube has the ability to stream 4K content, but currently the web can’t keep up with live streaming rates of 4K so you will have to download and watch later, and if you don’t have a T3 or fiber optic connection to the internet it will be a LOT later! Blu-ray players will be using a format called Ultra Violet that will allow most Blu-ray players to playback 4K videos, but the increase in resolution will require that the movie will come on 2 or more sides of a disc! Other delivery systems such as cable and satellite are still trying to figure out how they are going to deliver this content to consumers and still provide content selection. A single 4K channel takes up the space of 2 high definition channels.

This means that we will probably see some more downward pricing on 1080P televisions as the new 4K sets come to market! 1080P is still a tremendous picture but in the digital electronics industry the technology doesn’t stand still! This is a hard pill to swallow for most consumers that still remember that the original analog television broadcast system took almost 60 years to change! It’s digital now, and the way it’s looking there is no end to the evolution!

At Wired 1 we can help you with your decision based on your preferences, room size and adoption patterns! Our home wiring systems will always keep you a couple of steps ahead of the coming technologies.

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