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Got a new TV for Christmas? A lot of my clients did! Now you’ve got a great new television with all the latest inputs and technology and maybe your new TV is a “SMART” set, meaning you can connect it to your home internet connection and watch steaming services like Netflix and YouTube. A lot has changed in the past 5 years!

Most of my clients are using one of the television service providers (Roger’s, Bell, Shaw etc.) to provide television content for the home. The problem is that a lot of these clients have obsolete technology provided by their service provider years ago.

You are being charged a monthly service fee to be able to watch the television content in your home but in a lot of cases the “box” that delivers this content is OLD (I mean REALLY OLD) technology! If your service “box” doesn’t have a HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output port on the back of it you will not be able to take advantage of the resolution capabilities of your new television!

The service providers are not going to “offer” these new innovations to you automatically. They are quite happy receiving your monthly payment for technology, that in some cases, is almost 20 years old – in technological chronology that’s forever!

Why is an HDMI connection better?  Because it is DIGITAL. Up until a few years ago television was delivered to your home as an analog signal or waveform transmission. Any time a signal is transmitted via analog there is a large chance of electrical or radio frequencies interfering with the signal. If you are old enough to remember rabbit ears antennas you know what I’m talking about – static in the picture and “ghosting” of the image. Today, television is delivered digitally. That means that the image you see on your TV is a bunch of ones and zeroes, or on’s and off’s, that are delivered to today’s televisions. There are millions of these ones and zeroes arriving every second and it’s up to your TV or cable box to turn them into picture and sound on your TV. Now, although it is difficult to interfere with a digital signal, the picture can get messed up if all those millions of bits of information are not delivered accurately. This can cause a symptom known as pixelization or dropout. The best way to avoid this from happening is to keep the signal digital until the final stage, your TV for the picture and sound or if you have an HDMI equipped audio system the sound will come out of your speakers and the picture will be sent to the TV digitally.

Check the back of your television delivery box. If there is not a 1″ slot on the back marked HDMI, call your service provider and ask for an upgrade! You will be glad you did. If you need help getting it all put together properly give Wired 1 Consulting a call. (506) 470-7510

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