Remote Control clutter got you down? Here’s the “FIX”!

The latest Harmony Ultimate Home control is a winner! Not only will it consolidate every remote control in your entertainment system it will now control home “SMART” devices like lighting, thermostat control and many other home automation devices. It’s rechargeable lithium battery makes sure you’re always ready for the big game or movie night with the kids. Your electronics can be hidden away because the Ultimate Home remote works through walls, as a matter of fact, it will work from anywhere in your home. It works in conjunction with your home Wi-Fi network and so you can download the free Apple or Android App and do everything with your smart phone or tablet, perfect for those times “someone” has left the remote control in the pocket of their bathrobe!
Contact Wired 1 today to find out how you can simplify your home entertainment control and really enjoy your system!

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