Getting your electronics working again after a power outage

New Brunswick and in particular, Fredericton was hit last week-end with one of the most devastating storms in memory. Well over 100,ooo clients of NB Power (the provinces only power provider) lost power. Some, including me, are still without power at the time of this posting!

While losing power suddenly usually does not cause major problems with electronics, the restoration of power after an outage certainly can. The damage can occur because of surges in the amount of power coming into your home when power is restored. The best plan of action is to unplug all your electronics until after the power has been back on for at least a half hour. This time allows the power delivery to stabilize, making it much safer for your electronics.

If you have a smart universal remote control it is important that you confirm that all of your equipment in in an “off” state before you try to use the remote control to operate the system. Some electronics will turn on automatically when the power comes back on and this can cause an out of synchronization for the remote control! You won’t do any damage, but it can be very frustrating if you don’t start with all your equipment turned off.

I hope this is some help to our many customers who now finally have power restored and for those that still don’t have power it should be back on soon!

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Touch remote control

Universal remote with touch screen graphics



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