Make Sure That Your Cable Box/Satellite Receiver Is Giving You The Best Picture

One of the many things that happens when your power goes out is that a lot of electronics will reset themselves to the factory default setting when the power comes back on. While this is great for your refrigerator, it’s not so good for your cable box and most satellite receivers.

If you have a high definition television you will want to check the resolution settings in the cable box/satellite receiver to make sure that the picture is set at 1080 lines of horizontal resolution. In Roger’s cable boxes for instance, the factory default is 480 lines of resolution, so check those settings out, you could be missing a lot of detail in your picture!

If you want to make absolutely sure that your system is optimized for the best picture and sound OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAget a quality assurance check from Wired 1 Consulting!

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