HEOS means quality streaming audio

In the past month we set up HEOS wireless audio systems for a number of clients. HEOS BY DENON is a wireless music streaming platform similar, to SONOS, a name familiar to a lot of consumers, but unlike SONOS that was designed by computer techs, HEOS was designed by audio engineers at DENON, an audio company that started in 1910…that’s over 100 years of understanding what sounds great! So there are plenty of performance advantages that you can’t get with SONOS. #1 HEOS supports and plays high bit audio, proven to audibly dramatically outperform compact disc. SONOS is limited to CD sound quality. #2 HEOS has Bluetooth high bit connectivity ability on every powered device (speakers & amps), so your buddy with the great tunes on his phone can Bluetooth connect to just one of your HEOS speakers and share it on ALL your HEOS speakers in the house! SONOS does not have Bluetooth. #3 With a HEOS 1 and HEOS GO you have a weather proof, rechargeable battery operated speaker system that can go anywhere you want music… with no wires that runs for 6 hours on a full charge! SONOS doesn’t have anything like this!

…i may never use iTunes ever again! Lol
This system is amazing. Thanks

An email quote from one of our new HEOS clients. It really is that good! Check out the link in this post. Then Wired 1 Consulting can get you on the HEOS Express, give us a call- (506)470-7510

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