"Sub" stantially improve your theatre system!

Got a home theatre set up that you think is pretty good? Here’s how to make it AWESOME!! The good news is that you don’t need to cut drywall or run wires. Just add a Paradigm PR-1 and a PBK (Perfect Bass Kit) compatible Paradigm subwoofer, and feel the bass like you’ve never heard before! Any new theatre that we design at Wired 1 Consulting has included 2 subwoofers to combat phase and room cancellations in the theatre for a number years now. The better audio/video receivers on the market today have 2 subwoofer outputs (but even if you only have 1 sub out you can make it work, easily). Adding a second powered subwoofer after the fact was always a messy job, but not with the PR-1. Simply connect the PR-1 to your amplifier/receiver’s subwoofer output and touch the “sync” button, plug your compatible Paradigm subwoofer into a wall plug. It’s that simple! Ask Wired 1 about perfecting the performance with a PBK calibration for your system.

Check out the PR-1 and the incredible line of Paradigm subwoofers here: Paradigm subwoofers

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