How to beat boredom!

I must have had a premonition. 4 days before the governments of the world declared the COVID 19 outbreak a pandemic my new stereo system arrived! It’s been a boredom beater…in spades! My new system consists of the incredible ANTHEM STR INTEGRATED, Paradigm Defiance X12 subwoofer and Paradigm Prestige 15B speakers on beautiful Paradigm speaker stands. Thus far I have been blown away by high bit rate music files from my own music collection and streaming services from Tidal, beautifully coordinated by Roon. At some point I will hook up my turntable, as the STR has an incredible phono section!

ANTHEM STR INTEGRATED +Paradigm=Audio excellence!

By the way, ANTHEM amplifiers, including the STR INTEGRATED are 20% off until May 30/20! A lot of the Paradigm speakers are on sale now! Let us design a dream system for you!

During this time of forced isolation and social distancing we will have your gear delivered directly to you. If you need assistance, we are always available by phone, email, chat or Skype!

Please, Stay Safe and LET THE MUSIC PLAY!

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