Paradigm speakers help your music come alive

I know that all of us are going through some difficult times. What is helping me get through the long days and nights of home isolation is music, and to a lesser degree video. I am really lucky in that I have a great sound system using Paradigm speakers. Whether I am listening to my own audio content or using streaming content from Spotify or Tidal or YouTube or TuneIn etc., I know that my system is wringing every drop of performance from these files.

If your old speakers aren’t “making the grade” it’s a great time to check out the exciting line of Premier speakers from Paradigm. Until April 30th you can save a bundle! Simply pick the model you want, contact us (506) 470-7510 and we will either have your new Paradigm speakers drop shipped to you or we will drop off the speakers to your doorstep. Visit and check out the great offers! STAY SAFE!!

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