How to make your smart TV even smarter!

If you have, or you are about to have, a new “Smart” TV in your home, chances are pretty good that you are going to want to take advantage of the streaming internet services that are integrated into the set. Services like Netflix, YouTube, etc. Almost all “Smart” TV’s have the ability to connect to your existing Wi-Fi (wireless internet) in your home.

Wi-Fi is a convenient way to check your email or send a text message from your tablet or phone, it, unfortunately, is not good for great picture and sound quality on a TV. When the picture is small, image quality can be severely compromised and you will still see a pretty good image, but blow that same picture up to 40, 50, 60+ inches and the same image looks pretty bad, in some cases, unwatchable! All “Smart” TV’s have the ability to have a direct, wired connection to the internet and if you are fortunate enough to have your internet router box in the same location as your TV then it’s easy to simply connect a cable to the back of the TV. For the vast majority of our clients this is not the case. The router is in another room, or even on another floor of the home, so, you are forced to connect to the Wi-Fi network because you would have to drill through floors, or run unsightly wires across the room… – WRONG!

A solution exists called Powerline that uses your home’s electrical system to connect at one end with a wire to your router. The other end is plugged into a wall power outlet at the TV. This end can have either a single or a multiple output connector port that allows you to use a wire to connect directly to your “Smart” TV and, or, other devices that may require a better connection to the internet, such as a gaming console like PlayStation or Xbox. The results are dramatic! Because the Powerline system is designed to give you the same speed and quality as a direct connection to your router there are no more grainy pictures and “spinning balls” on your TV set! Now you have a great way to extend your network simply by adding another module in another location where you want better speed access to the internet, maybe that bedroom TV or the kid’s playroom.

It makes a GREAT gift that will keep on giving!

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