Why updates are important!

You have a new audio video system. You paid a lot of money for it! Updating your electronics is as important as changing the oil in your car. I don’t mean buying new devices, I mean keeping the devices that you have up to date.
Today’s televisions and peripheral source devices all contain some type of computer saystem and just like your home computer they need to be periodically updated, usually over the internet. These updates do many things for you. In some cases it’s simply the addition of new features and functions to your device but in a lot of cases these updates are critical to your device continuing to work!Samsung Denon
I had a client call me up the other day and told me that his TV was losing its picture. It would just turn black. He owns a beautiful, top of the line surround sound system with a gorgeous 70″ screen. I went to his home and checked all the connections. Everything was connected correctly, but the TV picture was still cutting out. I then checked the individual units for software and firmware updates. I discovered that one of his devices was not connecting to his network due to a defective network cable and so it was unable to get updates. A new cable was installed and viola, there was an update available. Downloaded the update, the problem was solved and the client even mentioned that the picture on his TV looked better! Usually cable and satellite boxes are kept up to date by the service provider automatically, you never even know that it has been updated, but on a lot of electronics you have to actually “hunt” for the update. You can usually find the update check in the settings area of the on screen menu of the device, you may have to RTFM (read the fine manual), or you can give Wired 1 a call and we do it for you and show you how. (506)470-7510

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