In ceiling speakers

In ceiling speakers are great. There’s no on wall or on floor clutter and no speaker wires to trip on or the inevitable dust bunnies! If the in ceiling speakers are installed properly they will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. The most important thing is to make sure that your contractor is using containment housings for your in ceiling speakers. They stop the sound from escaping into the rafter space, greatly reducing the transfer of sound to other areas of the home and help focus the sound back into the room for better sound, they prevent insulation from falling into the speaker mechanism and in the case of metal containment boxes they provide a fire break that far exceeds the rating of your ceiling drywall. They also guarantee that the speaker is properly positioned by the designer in the ceiling. Experience the difference with Wired 1 Consulting, Fredericton’s professional audio video provider.

In ceiling containment box in a first floor ceiling
In ceiling containment boxes in vapour barriered top floor

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