Unboxing a beast!

On a recent trip to the head office/production facility for Paradigm/ANTHEM I was intrigued by the new STR product lineup from ANTHEM. Having read many exemplary reviews and having seen it, I was unable to hear it. Beautifully styled and meticulously crafted by hand right there in their Mississauga factory, I actually watched them being made. The line consists of 3 pieces; a pre amplifier, a stereo power amplifier and an integrated stereo amplifier. The reviews of these “crafted in Canada” electronics decidedly put them in a performance class that is usually reserved for equipment that we mere mortals can only salivate over, but never afford. I have always been a “stereo” guy. I do enjoy a great surround system, but it has to perform well in a stereo configuration first and foremost. I have had many great amplifiers over the years, I built my first Dynaco pre/power system at age 18 (Pat4a and ST150) and have had many great amplifiers since, Krell, Carver, Conrad-Johnson etc., and this ANTHEM Integrated amplifier is right up there, for considerably less money, than it’s competition and incorporating some incredible electronic sophistication. You can check out the entire ANTHEM lineup at http://www.anthemav.com Available exclusively in Fredericton from Wired 1 Consulting.

Just under 40 pounds, this is not a fly weight!
Remote control, manual and connection cabling
The back of the STR Integrated
Listening to some FLAC files @ 192 Khz via USB – WOW!
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