It’ll Help The Plants Grow!

At Wired 1 Consulting we can show you a number of ways to get your music into the great outdoors. Whether it’s using all weather speakers that are connected to your existing audio system or stand alone wireless speaker systems we have a solution for you. One of the best outdoor speakers that we carry is made by SpeakerCraft. With a wide variety to choose from there is sure to be one just right for your application – and they offer a limited lifetime warranty! Quality constructed of materials designed for our climate the SpeakerCraft speakers won’t rust like many of the lesser brands on the market and they sound fantastic!

Outdoor Elements By SpeakerCraft

They are on sale NOW! Place your order with us today, you may have to wait, as the season is here! The speakers pictured here are being installed next week! Make a request on our home page or give us a call! (506)470-7510

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