Not quite telling the truth!

I just finished watching a television commercial (something I try to avoid like the plague). It was for the BOSE acoustimas audio system, that claims that you can get rich, immersive surround sound by connecting one cable (a toslink aka fiber optic cable). What a deception! Granted, you will get better sound than the flat panel TV speakers but you will not get rich, immersive surround sound! Here’s why. TV sets do not pass the digital surround sound information, in fact most source devices have to be set for stereo (NOT DIGITAL SURROUND) or no sound comes out of the TV…period. The only way to get digital surround sound is to connect the source device directly to the amplifier and bypass the television entirely, using the television solely for the picture. The problem when you do this is bad lip sync. That’s when the lips on the screen don’t match the sound coming out of the speakers. Better quality equipment handle the picture and sound together from the source equipment (cable/satellite box, DVD/BLURAY player) and pass the picture through to the television after applying digital processing that eliminates any lip sync problem.
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